Perdomo ESV 2002 Sun Grown

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The Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Sun Grown (Perdomo ESV 2002 Sun Grown) cigar line is the long awaited follow up to the Estate Seleccion Vintage 1991 Sun Grown, which has arguably been Perdomo's most popular cigar line since its introduction.

As expected, The Perdomo ESV 2002 features a for 5-7 year aged wrapper. The cigar itself possesses a flavorful and super smooth smoke. In fact, the Perdomo ESV 2002 uses the wrappers from 1992 and fillers from 2002, which has now resurrected the ESV line in a new form.

If you were once a fan of the ESV 1991, you are in for a treat. I actually am smoking one as I write this description and I want to get back to it, so I'm going to keep this description short... Just grab a box now and you can send us Fan Mail thanking us later.

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