2 Flame Torch Xikar Lighter

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2 Flame Torch Xikar Lighter

2 Flame Torch Xikar Lighter
List Price: $85.00
Price: $69.99
Weight: 2 lb

2 Flame Xikar Torch Lighter - Color Gunmetal. The new 2 Flame Xikar Torch Lighter is a sleek double flame jet lighter that is one of the newest designs in Xikar lighter family, and this gunmetal beauty comes with refill window so you won't be left stranded in the wind; you'll know when you need to fill up on butane. The flame on the Xikar cigar lightrer can be adjusted to fit your needs and style with a wheel adjustment on the bottom of the lighter. You can rest assure that this lighter is among the best the cigar world has to offer backed by Xikar's lifetime warranty you can not go wrong this lighter- it's a no-brainier fellas.

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