650mah Vape Battery Steel

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650mah Vape Battery Pink
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650mah Vape Battery Blue
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650mah Vape Battery Steel

Buy Online 650mah Vape Battery Steel
List Price: $25.00
Price: $14.99
Weight: 2 lb

E Cigarette 650mah Vape Battery Steel in color with 510 Ego connector is the standard battery that is used with most small vaporizers. This 650mah Vapor Pen Battery will last around 12hrs of pleasurable vaping time. The 650mah needs to be charged using a USB charger; if you need a charger for the 650mah battery (510 connector charger) we have them on this site for sale.

The 650mah Vaporizer Battery comes with a built in on and off button that needs to be pressed 5 times to turn it on or off which is great if you’re on the move, or if your Vapor pen is located in your purse or pocket. When the 650mah Vaporizer Battery is fully charged the LED light on the battery will turn off. Buy 650mah Vaporizer Batteries online at nhcigars.com New Hampshire’s best place to get Vaporizers and accessories.

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