Artic Tank Sub ohm coils

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Artic Tank Sub ohm coils

Artic Tank Sub ohm coils
List Price: $25.00
Price: $15.99
Weight: 2 lb

5 Pack of Coils for the Artic Tank Horizon Tech. These are the coils you need for your Artic Tank. The Artic Tank coils are available in Dual .05 ohm,  .02 ohms, or temp controlled Ni200 on the drop down tab above. 

*Tips for coil replacement:

If you're burning through coils fast under 1.5 weeks, make sure you wait for the eliquid to soak in the new coil before you start vaping

*Make sure that the little gasket is firmly on the coil.

*Make sure that you drip a few drops of E liquid into the side and on top of the coil.

* After the new coil is replaced, wait about 5mins before you start vaping 

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