CAO Criollo Bomba Cigars

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CAO Criollo Bomba Cigars

CAO Criollo Bomba Cigars
List Price: $232.00
Price: $131.99
Weight: 3 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6 inches

CAO Criollo Bomba - Box of 20 - CAO Criollo Bomba cigars -The word "Criollo" literally means native seed. The Criollo '98 was an experimental hybrid seed grown in Cuba when they were searching for a solid tobacco strand to fight mold and other agricultural difficulties. It was later picked up by CAO and debuted as the CAO Criollo. Immediately it was dubbed a cigar that could compete with the finest Cuban cigars on the market. Grown and cultivated in Nicaragua and matched with Cuban seed Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, the Criollo has a medium to full-bodied damp and earthy aroma. The CAO Criollo Bomba cigars are a solid addition to the CAO family and a Nicaraguan masterpiece.

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