Don Benigno Corona cigars

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Don Benigno Corona cigars

Don Benigno Corona cigars
List Price: $240.00
Price: $190.95
Weight: 0 lb
Costa Rica
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5.5 inches

Don Benigno Corona cigars - 5.6 x 42 - Box of 25 - Don Benigno Corona cigar is slightly longer than the Don Benigno Mareva , the Don Benigno Corona is very renown smoke. It's blend is very similar to that of the Mareva , and at nearly 6 inches, this is a satisfying cigar. Corona, Spanish for Crown, is a traditional cigar that can satisfy a wide array of smokers. The smokers who desire a mild yet full-flavored cigar will be very satisfied by the Corona.

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