E Cigarette Vapor Starter Kit 650

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E Cigarette Vapor Starter Kit 650

E Cigarette Vapor Starter Kit 650
List Price: $125.00
Price: $59.99
Weight: 2 lb

E Cigarette Vaporizer Starter Kit 650.This wickless bottom coil vaporizer E Cigarette Vapor kit includes everything you need to start vaping like a rock star. What's even better is that this glass tank is awesome and does not leak! The Kanger mini 3 tank is the Toyota pickup truck of tanks and will never fail you, and will enhance the flavor and nicotine kick, so you can actually start vaping at a lower nicotine level. The 650 Starter kit includes 1 650 Battery, 1 glass mini tank, 1 USB charger, 5 pack of atomizers and also a very detailed block of instructions on how to use the Vaping device properly. E Cigarettes and Vapor for sale at discount prices at nhcigars.com New Hampshire’s leading E Cigarette and Vapor wholesaler. View more E Cigarette Vapor Starter Kits here.

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