Hammer and Sickle Robusto 5 Pack

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Hammer and Sickle Robusto 5 Pack

Hammer and Sickle Robusto
List Price: $60.00
Price: $48.99
Weight: 1 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5 inches

Hammer and Sickle Robusto 5 Pack : The Hammer and Sickle Robusto 5 Pack cigars are smooth and creamy with an outstanding super premium wrapper leaf that is perfectly aged for 5 years. The Hammer and Sickle cigars have a Dominican binder and filler which give these Hammer and Sickle cigars a medium bodied flavor with an outstanding finish. These hammer and sickle cigars are handmade in Santiago Dominican Republic by the best cigar rollers around and distributed by the hardworking folks at the Cigar Agency.

The Hammer and Sickle cigars come in a crystal glass box that is very sharp looking and most definitely a conversation piece. The Hammer and Sickle cigar is a very well constructed medium bodied cigar that always has a perfect burn. The cigar reviews on the Hammer and Sickle cigars have been top notch reviews from all of the cigar blogs, outlets, and cigar magazines available today. These Hammer and Sickle cigars are so good that you will smoke these bad boys all the way down to your finger tips. So grab a box because you will love these cigars!

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