Nub Cameroon 460

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Nub Cameroon 460

Nub Cameroon 460 Cigars
List Price: $210.00
Price: $109.99
Weight: 3 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
4 inches
Short Robusto

Nub Cameroon 460 - Box of 24 - Nub Cameroon 460 cigars were developed by Sam Leccia, who also created the immensely popular Cain cigars. They're handmade in Nicaragua by Oliva using ligero blend of triple-fermented long-fillers, plus a pinch of Seco and Viso for combustibility. The 460 nub cigars are short and fat on appearance, but the long lasting flavor is outstanding as the Nub Cameroon delivers a 30 minute plus smoke time, and one last thing the Nub Cameroon 460 cigars are awesome so be prepare for the jaw dropping flavor!

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