Padron 90th Anniversary Maduro

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Padron 90th Anniversary Maduro

Padron 90th Anniversary Maduro
List Price: $275.00
Price: $194.99
Weight: 2 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5 inches
Gran Robusto

Padron 90th Anniversary Maduro Box of 10

It is always with abated breath and great interest to the cigar community when master craftsmen and legendary cigar creator Jose Padron is about to introduce a new cigar line to celebrate his 90th birthday. The cigar world was stunned when the Padron 90th 1926 Anniversary made its debut at an international trade show. This time Jose Padron stepped outside his usual box and introduced a round 5 ½ x 54 cigar that is gorgeously presented in sleek chrome tubes of crème and red. The cream tube for the natural while in the red tube rests a Maduro. This debut was jaw dropping for some, but the reality is the only real difference is the shape. The Padron 90th Anniversary still maintains only the highest qualities of ingredients that continues to maintain the status of the Padron’s being some of the best cigars made in the world. The Padron 1926 90th Anniversary does not disappoint it is just a different size.

The Padron 90th 1926 Anniversary was time tested with many trials and tweaks until it became the masterpiece that it is. Jose Padron made a statement for his 90th birthday and it was heard loud and clear within the cigar community. The Padron #90 still contains only the highest quality taste that only a Padron can produce. The Padron 90th Anniversary will stand the test of time and fit nicely with all of Padron’s other high quality products. These cigars can be found readily available at NHCIGARS.COM. The Padron 90th Anniversary is presented in a beautiful box of ten ready for a grand celebration. Now that Jose Padron stepped out of his box, it is time for you to do the same. The Padron 90th Anniversary will meet and supersede all expectations so buy Padron 90th Anniversary cigars today with fast shipping.

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