Perdomo Champagne vs La Mezcla - Sample Pack

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Perdomo Champagne vs La Mezcla - Sample Pack

Perdomo Champagne vs La Mezcla Cigars
List Price: $89.95
Price: $67.97
Weight: 0 lb
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6 inches
Toro Gordo

La Mezcla Titan - VS - Perdomo Champagne Epicure Sampler: You Decide which one is better!!

La Mezcla Titan Cigars - Smoke Magazine recently gave the Mezcla Cigars a 91 rating which is outstanding and hard to come by these days. The Mezcla Cubana cigar blend is a medium bodied cigar that is very smooth. The Mezcla Cubana cigars have Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers with a nice Ecuador wrapper that burns extremely well also the La Mezcla Cubana cigar is a must try for any medium bodied cigar lover.


The Perdomo Champagne Epicure cigar is 100% handmade in Esteli Nicaragua with 100% Nicaraguan filler that gives the Perdomo Cigar that Peppery kick. The wrapper is a beautiful well aged Connecticut wrapper leaf.The production on all Perdomo Champagne Reserve Epicure cigars are very limited and for a good reason, each and every cigar is hand inspected to make sure that every Perdomo Champagne Reserve cigar is perfect!

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