Tortuga 215 Reserva Diplomatico

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For Sale Tortuga 215 Reserva Alma
Tortuga 215 Reserva Alma
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Tortuga 215 Reserva Diplomatico

For Sale Tortuga 215 Reserva Diplomatico
List Price: $325.00
Price: $212.99
Weight: 5 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
7.5 inches
Box Press

Tortuga 215 Reserva Diplomatico (7.5 x 58). The long awaited Tortuga 215 Tortuga Reserva cigar debuted at the IPCPR cigar trade show in July of 2013. The Tortuga 215 Reserva was created by the legend Victor Vitale. Victor Vitale has been in the cigar business and cigar blending since the mid 90’s, and this Tortuga 215 Reserva cigar is Victors’ best cigar blend to date. The Tortuga 215 Reserva sports pure beauty in appearance with an aggressive medium to full bodied blend of 100% pure Nicaraguan tobaccos from the Esteli Region of Nicaragua. The Tortuga 215 Reserva cigar sizes range in a hearty 54 to 60 ring gauge and 5” to 7.5” in length which should satisfy any cigar smoker out there. The construction of the Tortuga 215 Reserva consists of a flawless boxed pressed shape with a burn that is always even. The draw on the Tortuga 215 Reserva is as good as it gets. The Tortuga 215 Reserva cigars are another smash hit for the cigar rock star Vitor Vitale. View our selection of Tortuga 215 Reserva Cigars, including more sizes and their prices.

Tortuga 215 Reserva Sizes are available in the Tortuga 215 reserva Alma (5 x 54), Tortuga 215 reserva diplomatico (7.5 x 58), Tortuga 215 reserva tributo (6 x 56), and the Tortuga 215 reserva triunfo (6 x 60). Buy Tortuga 215 Reserva cigars from NH Cigars the best cigar website in the universe.

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