Davidoff Cigar Review

Davidoff Cigar Review

Davidoff Cigars are total high end luxury these Davidoff cigars are best the world has to offer, so step in the world of cigar awesomeness. The Davidoff white lable cigars are super premium high end, so the price tag is high, but these are the best cigars period. The Davidoff cigars are known as the Davidoff White Label to most cigar smokers worldwide, and these cigars are hand-rolled by the very best cigar rollers in the business as the tobacco is top notch and perfect. The blend on these cigars are a mild to medium bodied blend which is what everyone is looking for.

Since the 30's the Davidoff Family from Geneva, Switzerland has been producing the world best and finest cigars these Davidoff cigars are as perfect as it can get in the cigar world from aroma, taste, appearance, and total pure cigar bliss. These Davidoff cigars are always produced in limited amounts and very rare. 

The Davidoff cigar story:

Henri Davidoff and his family fled from Russia in 1912 due to political struggles to Switzerland. Within three months after the Davidoff family arrived in Switzerland Henri Davidoff opened a tobacco shop in downtown Geneva. Henri Davidoff son Zino learned the tobacco business at that Tobacco store. Over the years trips to South America Zino's tobacco knowledge and skills increased, and by 1940 the Davidoff store in Geneva Switzerland became the world's first premier cigar shop for the best hand-rolled Cuban cigars. Also a quick note Zino Davidoff is credited with creating the cigar humidor double blade cigar cutter. In 1968 The Cuban cigar factory that he was working with offered Zino Davidoff his own private cigar line in his own name, so that's when Zino Davioff and introduced the White Label Davidoff cigars. 

With in 19 years of the new partnetship with the Cuabn cigar factory Davidoff fired the Cuban cigar factory that was making their cigars. The Davidoff family being total perfectionist trashed and burned over 105,000 of their cigars after deeming them too poor in quality and unfit to sell. Following the Cuban cigar factory break up, the production of all Davidoff cigars moved to the Dominican Republic in 1990 where the Davidoff cigars have been made under the direction and watchful eye of Master Blender Hendrik Kelner.

Davidoff cigars stand for something other than quality, it's their credibility. There was a short History of Davidoff Cigars, Buy Davidoff cigars online at Shop here at NH Cigars - your best source for Davidoff cigars.

Here are some of the Davidoff cigar sizes available:  

Davidoff Aniversario # 2        Davidoff Aniversario #3 tubos       Davidoff Aniversario No.1 Tubos    Puro D Oro Eminentes   

 Special Double R        Special R Tubos      Special T        Davidoff Millennium Churchill        

  Davidoff Millennium Robusto Tubos        Davidoff Millennium Short Robusto