Don Benigno Cigar Review

Don Benigno Cigar Review:

Don Benigno cigar reviews, Well here we go agian with the famous Don Benigno cigar review.  It's 5 pm on Cyber Monday 26th November 2012, and since I have a lot of work to do full-filling cigar orders, I need to have a break before the stressing out begins. Today I decided to smoke a Don Benigno Exigente 6.5 x 54 ring gauge and give it an honest cigar review.

don benigno cigar review

I'm usually not into the bigger ring gauges at all, but this particular size sells the most out of all the other Don Benigno sizes from which I have seen personally, so I gave it a shot. The first impression is and ultra smooth Cuban taste with hints of woody notes, and spices. The wrapper is a sweet honey color with a seamless leaf that starts out and burns perfectly. I noticed that the cap is an Cuban traditional 3 cap which only the best cigars have.

The draw on this cigar is perfect just like the Davidoff white label cigars. About half way through the cigar I noticed a complexity in flavor which changed from a smooth Cuban like taste to a kick of ligero which is a good thing. At the end of this cigar it burned perfectly all the way down to my finger tips. I almost pulled out a pair of pliers to smoke the last half inch because this cigar was that good.

This cigar is extremely rare, and only a handful of retailers carry this brand. My final thoughts of the Don Benigno cigars is - totally outstanding in every way shape and form, and well worth the money. The prices on the Don Benigno cigars are in the same ballpark of Ashton cigars, but these Don Benigno cigars blow away any Ashton cigars.

Don Benigno Exigente Sizes Available:

 Don Benigno Exigente 2 packs, Don Benigno Exigente box of 10, or Don Benigno Exigente 25 count boxes.