Hermitage Cigar Review

Hermitage Cigar Review by Hammer and Sickle Cigars

The all new Hermitage cigar made by Hammer & Sickle folks and distributed by the Cigar Agency is the new line added to the very popular Hammer & Sickle cigar portfolio. The Hermitage cigar represents the Hammer & Sickle Cigar Company’s first cigar blended with Nicaragua Tobaccos.

This Hermitage cigar also sports a Box Pressed shape with ultra-beauty in appearance. The boxed pressed cigar are extremely hard to make and be consistent, usually only a few cigar makers can perfect these types of boxed press cigars like the Padron cigar family. 

The Hammer and Sickle Hermitage cigar makers added some extra attention to detail with the Box design, as it has sleek leather coverings with an appearance of high end luxury; something that will grab anyone’s attention. I have never seen a box design like this one it’s fabulous. Now with the actual taste and smoke of the cigar, as I picked up the Hermitage cigar I noticed that it was well made with a perfect silky smooth wrapper which is grown in volcanic soil at the base of the Andes Mountains. The cigar industry has giving this type of tobacco a name “Cloud Grown”. The clouds at the base of the Andes Mountains cover the tobacco farms where this tobacco wrapper is grown which helps protect the leaves from the harsh direct sunlight. This cloud grown protection results in a premium less veins in the wrapper, which is believe by most to be the perfect wrapper for a cigar blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos.



Hermitage Cigar Taste Profile

The taste profile is very difficult to describe because there is so many different types of various flavors. This is cigar you will have to try on your own to understand – it’s just so good. As soon as I lit the cigar I noticed an ultra-easy draw similar to a Davidoff White Label cigar. The taste had smooth hints of notes of spices followed by a coca, nutty and mix of leather sweetness. About half way through the Hermitage cigar that flavor profile held ground and did not disappear like many cigars I have smoked over the years. I could tell that this Hermitage cigar blend was the real deal methodically tested and blended to perfection, unlike most cigars that are rushed into production to make that extra sale. This Hermitage cigar is absolute perfection.


The Hammer and Sickle Hermitage Final Review 

At the end of the Hermitage cigar the flavor is still there which is unbelievable usually at the end of a cigar you will get this unfavorable taste similar to if you were smoking wood, but the end result of this Hermitage cigar is perfect all the way down, and I almost started to smoke the wrapper because this cigar was that good. I absolutely enjoyed smoking the Hammer and Sickle Hermitage cigar, as this cigar has to be one of the best cigars on the market right now at an affordable price. I strongly urge you to try these out you will thank me later on this one. Grab a box today, or a 5 pack.  

The Hammer + Sickle Hermitage Cigar Sizes available:

Hammer And Sickle Hermitage Churchill 7x50  (Price for Box of 20) $149.99

Hammer And Sickle Hermitage Robusto 5x52 (Price for Box of 20) $142.99

Hammer And Sickle Hermitage Toro 6x54 (Price for Box of 20) $149.99