How To Properly Cut and Light a Cigar

All cigars being figurados, or Classic Toro cigar all have a end on them called the Head of the cigar. All Premium cigars are hand rolled so you will most likely have to cut the end of the cigar off to get a proper draw.

There is a wrong way and right way to cut the cigar: It's very critical to cut the head of the cigar properly because if you cut to much the cigar will be damaged and unravel in your hand, and if you cut to small your cigar will be hard to draw from. The head of the cigar has a curved shape part which is called the shoulder, and a great cigar cut will leave the shoulder in tact - you do not want to cut the should of the cigar. Cutting the entire head of the cigar off will not help the draw of the cigar it will only damage it. Cigar cutting the best technique will be cutting before the shoulder of the cigar meets the one of the caps of the cigar.


bad cigar cut cigar head - shoulder


The cutter beign a bullet, regular guilotine, or scissor cut the main thing is to remove enough of the head of the cigar to have a easy draw. Most premium cigars will draw fine with little of the head removed but sometimes you will need a larger cut for the draw to work. The xikar siccors work great beacuse you have control on where the cut will be. 

Here are some cutters that are mostly used. 


Lighting your favorite cigar:

There are plenty ways for lighting a cigar and there are also plenty of different methods involved. Some people say only use wooden matches, and some will say always use a butane lighter, but the best way to light a cigar will depend on you and what you prefer. Here are some tips and examples of lighting a cigar.


Wooden Matches:

These are great if you have the time and are not stuck out in the wind. The wooden match should be lit on fire and let the sulfur burn out a bit before putting the fire to your cigar. Note If you immediately light the cigar with the match you will taste the sulfur in the cigar.

Butane Lighters: 

These are great and even better on the golf course. The butane lighter is one of the most preferd method of lighting a cigar beacuse its quick it works in the wind, and the butane burns clean. 

Spanish Cedar Wood Cigar Lighting:

This is a pretty cool technique and its smells nice when the spanish cedar is lit on fire, this is a method that is mostly used by cigar aficionados and cigar veterans,and the Spanish cedar wood is sometimes wrapped around a cigar in packaging such as a Tubo cigar or ask your local cigar store clerk. Note only use Spanish Cedar wood other woods taste horrible when lighting a cigar.