Information on Cigar Sizes

Sizes, Names, Wrapper types I don’t know where to start? So you don’t know what a robusto is or a churchill, no biggie this will square you away!

Note: What really throws cigar smokers off the beat is these cigar factories like to come up with fancy names for their sizes on their cigars, but the only thing you really need to pay attention to is the size in length and ring gauge of the cigar. For example you will see a cigar size named the Ashton Magnum and you wounder to yourself "what the hell is that, and what size is it" ? Your best bet is to look on the box for the dimension of the cigars or in our case the size and length will be on all the cigars we sell on our website.  


There are basic types of cigar sizes and there are loads or different kinds, but for now we will start with the ones you usually see in your local cigar store.


The size of the cigar name usually follows under these sizes below. 


1. Robusto Cigar Size : The Robusto size is usually 5 inches in length and usually has a ring gauge of 50mm in circumference. These Robusto cigars are usually smaller than all the rest of the cigars in the line up, and are considered the perfect size for most especially if you are short on time. The Robusto cigar lasts about 25 to 30 mins of pure enjoyment. Here is a link to one of our top selling Robusto cigars:  Don Benigno Robusto cigars


2. Churchill Cigar Size : The Churchill Size cigar is named after that famous Prime Minister from England Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill's M.O. was to smoke long cigars and drink as much scotch as possible during World War 2, and you can't really blame him because the Nazi's were coming after him and his hood and Winston Churchill along with England was automatically labeled the under dog in this horrible war. Winston Churchill was so successful in kicking Nazi butt with the help of the Americans that the cigar world decided to name a cigar size after him - you guessed it the Churchill size.

The Churchill size cigar traditionally is a 7 inch by 50 ring gauge and has about 45 mins of burn time and pure cigar awesomeness. To this day there are high end cigars made by Davidoff these cigars are called The Winston Churchill cigars here is a link to take a look. Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars.


3 Torpedo Cigar Size: The Torpedo sized cigar is shaped like a torpedo, so that why the cigar has it's name it just that simple. The Length traditionally is anywhere from 6" to 8" in length and has a 52 to 56 ring gauge in the middle of the cigar. These Torpedo cigars are higher in price because of more tobacco used and the Torpedo cigars are harder to roll. The Torpedo cigar cigar has around 45 mins of burn time and pure cigar awesomeness. Here is link to view another top selling cigar. Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Torpedo


4. Toro Size Cigar: The Toro sized cigar is one of the top selling cigar sizes the length is around 5.5" to 6.5" and sometimes has a 52 to 55 ring gauge. I don't know why these guys call it a toro but that's just what it is. The Toro sized cigars are usually smoother and milder out of all the sizes because of the bigger ring gauge and also these Toro cigars have a better draw because there is more room for the tobacco's to breath. You can expect 35 mins or more of pure cigar enjoyment when smoking a Toro sized cigar. Here is a link for another top Toro cigar seller. Cusano 18 Toro Cigars


4. Figurado Size Cigar: This fancy and complicated word figurado basically means weird looking shaped cigars. The figurado shaped cigars will have a unique tip on the end of the cigar and sometimes on both end of the cigars. These cigars are cool in appearance and are always pricey, but these cigars are very limited and only the best cigar rollers roll these cigars. It's very hard to roll a figurado cigar, and most of the time women with small hands roll these hot rods. A cigar factory just can't have a local Iron Worker to roll these cigars it takes years of practice, and in some cases generations of cigar factory rollers that are handed down the secret code are the only ones that can get the job done. Figurado shaped cigars are some of my favorite cigars. Here is nice link to check it out. Fuente Work of Art Cigars



4. Cigarillo Size Cigars Cigarillo cigars are a small cigar sometimes hand-rolled sometimes rolled by machines. These cigarillo cigars are a quick smoke and sometimes look like a dark cigarette. What the factories do is use all the trimmings of the tobacco that is not used in a premium hand-rolled cigar and make small cigars out of them - frigging modern day genesis's Right? I wouldn't expect a good idea from these half-assed cigar factories in the DR but these cigarillos sell like chicken wings in Ethiopia on a Friday Night. So if you want a quick smoke that is not a cigarette then this is your best bet. Also some cigarillos come with a flavor either bourbon, vanilla, cherry and some others. Here is a link to our top selling cigarillos. Al Capone Sweets