Selecting a perfect cigar

 Selecting a perfect cigar:

There are many cigars to chose from these days and sometimes it gets overwhelming if you do not know what to look for in a cigar. There are typically three different types of strengths in a cigar, mild, medium, full bodied. If you are just starting out and you are not sure then you should probably grab a mild cigar.

Mild Cigars:

Most Mild cigars are light colored looking in appearance and are smooth in taste. The Dominican cigars are usually your best bet for ultra smoothness, and mildness here is one of our most purchased mild cigars " The Cusano 18 Natural " These cigars are ultra smooth and mild here is a link.

Medium Bodied Cigars:

If you have smoke a few cigars before and you want to move up the ranks in the cigar category then try a medium bodied cigar. The medium bodied cigars are brownish in appearance and usually have a mix of different kinds of tobacco such as a filler from Honduras and Nicaragua, these types of cigars are just like a fine wine from Chile not to light and not to strong. One of our top medium bodied cigars that we sell are the Hammer and Sickle cigar line give the a shot you will not be disappointed here is a link.

Full Bodied Cigars:

Now you want to man up and play with fire and flirt with full Bodied cigars, you should only want to try a full bodied cigar when the mild, and medium cigars are boring you, but careful not to over indulge because these dogs do have a bite, and its called Ligero. The Ligero is a fuller and stronger type of tobacco used in filling the cigars, the more ligero the more kick you get. Also the Maduro cigars will mostly be more stronger then most, but its really the filler that gives the power of a cigar. Most cigar veterans do like Maduro cigars, but be careful once you start smoking a full bodied cigar over and over again your pallet will adjust to the full bodied cigars and that's all you will want to smoke. The La Flor Dominicana line is notorious for being the strongest cigars on the market here is a link.

Price Point:

Again the cigar industry is similar to the wine industry, you can get a great bottle of wine for under $12 if you know what you are looking for, and its the same with cigars. If you are looking for a great under priced cigar then stick to the $6 and $7 range in cigars, and also stick with the top manufacturers such a Perdomo, CAO, Cusano, Kristoff. The box prices on these cigars will run from the $100 range to the $150 range per a box that a good happy medium in premium cigars.

Super High End cigars:

The super high end cigars are one of those types of cigars you want to celebrate with and impress your peers. There are some over priced cigars on the market and one of them being Ashton Cigars these cigars are good but to be honest not really worth the money. The only high end cigar out there right now that is worth the high price tag is the Padron 1926, 1964 or Family Reserve line. Step in to luxury with a Padron and you will understand the hype, these cigars are priced at $20 - $25 a stick but worth every red cent. If you smoke a Padron 1926 this will be your new favorite cigar period.

Cheap Cigars:

Hey sometimes you just don't have the cash to pony up we all have been there, or you just don't want to be handing out your good cigars to people you don't know - not a problem grab a bundle cigar. The bundle cigars are great for a everyday smoke and light on your wallet. These cigars are usually the seconds that are not good enough to be put on the shelf, but the whole cigar business was designed on the best bang for the buck, so you should definitely have a bundle of cigars laying around for that party you are attending, or for you wife's cousins you have never met before.

Cheap Gas Station Cigars:

These cigars are all over the place and you have smoked one before at that bond fire back in the day. These cigars are great if your 18 years old and you don't know jack, but if you're 35 yrs of age and smoking these cigars then you have failed at the cigar lifestyle enough said.