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ACID cigars are a combination of premium cigars which are infused with essential oils to create a unique flavor and aroma unlike any other cigar available on the market. The secret infusion process Drew Estate uses to create the ACID cigar has been so closely guarded that no one else in the world has been able to replicate an ACID cigar. ACID cigars contain premium Nicaraguan long fillers that are bound by light seamless wrappers. As with all ACID cigars they have been aged for five years, depleting the tobaccos of any acidic nuances allowing for a full-flavored perfect cigar. The Acid cigars are in a league of their own the taste and blend of these cigars are a mixed between a flavored and a well blended medium bodied cigar. The Acid cigars are some of the most popular cigars in the world right now, so if you want to try something different try a Acid cigar.

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