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Liga Privada cigars are created by the man himself Jonathan Drew. These Liga Privada cigars are a medium to full bodied Nicaraguan cigar. The Liga Privada cigars are handcrafted with a blend of spicy Honduran leaves and aged, rich tobaccos from the black soils of the Jamastran Valley. The Liga Privada cigars are a spicy blend that maduro cigar lovers go crazy about. The Liga Privada cigar result is a well-balanced, deliciously spicy, peppery, with a hint cedar that ends up in a relaxing finish. The Liga Privada cigars have been such a smash hit for the Drew Estate gang that this cigar has put them on the map and are able to compete head to head with the very best cigar makers in the world.  The Liga Privada cigar is another great additional favorite to your cigar humidor. Also the Liga Privada cigars are always a hard to get cigar, so get them while you can! 

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