Nub Cigars by Oliva

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The NUB cigar is created by Sam Leccia, and the NUB cigars have been immensely popular in the cigar world. The Nubs are handmade in Nicaragua by Oliva using ligero blend of triple-fermented long-fillers, plus a pinch of Seco and Viso for combustibility. The Nub Cigars are a small, powerful, and a all around great cigar. The NUB's come in 3 different blends that will satisfy any cigar smoker , The NUB Cameroon has a well aged African Cameroon wrapper that gives the cigar that sweet taste, The NUB Habano is the stronger one of the bunch that has a perfect Cuban-Seed Habano wrapper that gives the cigar a strong peppery taste; and the NUB Maduro has a 7 year old Maduro wrapper that gives off a perfect blue ash when smoking it. Try any of the NUB cigars and you will not be disappointed !

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