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The Tortuga cigars are made by one of the hardest working companies in the cigar industry “Legacy Brands LLC”. Legacy Brands LLC have been at it for a while now. The Tortuga 1948 cigars has won the hearts and minds of cigar store owners as well as cigar smokers’ world wide. Each and every Tortuga cigar is 100% handmade in the Dominican Republic with aged a secretly aged filler, and wrapped in a beautiful Natural wrapper or a Maduro leaf. The cigars are also packed Spanish cedar boxes to give it that extra aged spicy taste.

The production on all Tortuga cigars are very limited and for a good reason, each and every cigar is hand inspected to make sure that every Tortuga cigar is perfect! These are some of the best cigars in the world today; have no doubt it. Man up and treat yourself to a box of any of the Tortuga cigars you will not be disappointed. Follow this link to view the all new Tortuga 215 Limited Edtion cigars these are the newest and boldest of the bunch be sure to get some while they last. 

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