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The History of the famous Macanudo cigar dates back to 1970, the big tobacco / cigar giant corporation “General Cigars” introduced a new line of cigars geared towards mild cigar smokers across the world. The original Macanudo cigars were blended and hand made in Jamaica under the watchful eye of Ramon Cifuentes. Ramon was a Cuban cigar master that developed the cigar brand known as Partagas. Macanudo cigars soon became one of the most sold and beloved cigars in history and remains that way today.

Fast-forward to the year 2012: The Macanudo cigar is now handmade in the Dominican Republic and has been since the early 90’s. The Macanudo brand jumped ship from Jamaica to move their operation to the Dominican Republic due to tobacco shortages and lazy cigar factory workers, “I guess the ganja is really that good down there in Jamaica”.

The consistency of the Macanudo cigars are great and always taste the exact same each and every time – a smooth mild finish.

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