Hammer and Sickle - Hermitage

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Hammer Sickle Hermitage Cigars

Hammer and Sickle Cigars - Hermitage is the all new cigar line brought to you from the makers of the Hammer & Sickle cigar line. The Hammer and Sickle cigar group also makes the famous Berlin Wall, Moscow City, and Double Eagle cigar lines. This new Hammer & Sickle Hermitage cigar sports a flawless well aged wrapper and fillers from various parts of the tobacco world like the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras. This ultra beauty will be on everyone's cigar humidor hit list with outstanding ratings from cigar magazines as well as cigar blogs and websites. So be on the look out because this cigar will be on the shelf by October of 2012 **The Hammer & Sickle Hermitage Cigar is now available for order!**. So grab a box while you still can, from the website that was first to bring you the Hammer + Sickle cigar brand!

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