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L'Atelier Cigars

The L'Atelier cigars are made by the main-man in charge "Don Pepin Garcia", and this particular cigar blend is lights out folks. The L'Atelier cigar was a smash hit and was the talk of the town at the annual IPCPR cigar trade show in 2012. The blend on the L'Atelier cigar is composed of a new wrapper grown in Ecuador by the Oliva tobacco family, (the same guys who grow the famous Ashton VSG cigar wrapper). The wrapper is a ultra rare and unique Hybrid of Criollo and Pelo de Oro. The L'Atelier cigars have been getting outstanding ratings across all websites, blogs, cigar magazines, and local cigar store customers nationwide.

Surrogates L' Atelier Cigars

The blend on the Surrogates L'Atelier cigar is composed of a full bodied ligero blend with an well aged broad-leaf Maduro, Habano, or Oscuro wrapper. Each size of the Surrogate cigars has it's own unique blend that have outstanding peppery tastes with hints of coca and coffee notes. The Surrogate cigar is truly a limited production cigar.

L'Atelier cigar sizes:

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