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Leccia Black and White

Leccia Black and White

Leccia Black and White cigars are created by the main man Sam Leccia. Sam Leccia was the guy who started the famous Nub cigar until the Oliva cigar company and Sam had a fallen out. The good news is Sam Leccia is back in action with his new cigar line dubbed "Black and White'. The Leccia Black and White tobacco is Sam's new awesome cigar line, as the Leccia White Nicaraguan blend is filled with peppery Nicaraguan tobaccos that are bounded by a awesomely-aged Ecuador tobacco binder. The tobacco wrapper on the Leccia white label cigar is a carefully selected Sun Grown African wrapper that delivers this particular cigar into the history books, there is not another cigar in the world that has an well-aged African sun grown wrapper. The Leccia Black Label is a well planned out cigar blend with a mixture of Dominican & Nicaraguan filler tobacco; and also with a smidgen of well-aged Brazilian ligero. The blending process Leccia is using on this particular blend is known as dark cured fire which wood is used to cure the tobacco filler to give the cigar a hint whisky aroma.

The Leccia Black and White cigar comes in these sizes below:

Leccia Black 5 x 52 , Leccia White 5 x 52 , Leccia Black 6 x 50  , Leccia White 6 x 50 , Leccia Black 6 x 60 , Leccia White 6 x 60

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