Diamond Crown Cigars

Five-year-old Connecticut Fermented Wrapper gives Diamond Crown its flavor. Diamond Crown wrappers undergo a second fermentation, unlike most premium tobacco wrappers. This “second curing” evens up the wrapper’s Rosado color and eliminates any rawness, contributing to Diamond Crown’s sweet, smooth, rich flavor.

Diamond Crown Maximus

The long filler in MAXIMUS is a secret blend of aged Dominican filler tobaccos that are only rolled by hand in the Dominican Republic by Carlito Fuente’s best master rollers. The MAXIMUS wrapper is made of a special Ecuadorian tobacco that is only grown on Oliva’s Ecuador plantation in the El Bajo region. El Bajo is in a beautiful valley where centuries of rain have washed down minerals and nutrients from the mountain, making the soil very rich and perfect for growing tobacco.

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser was introduced in 2010 to mark J.C.’s 135th birthday and our company’s 115th. Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic hand rolls Diamond Crown Julius Caeser cigars. Julius Caeser is held to Diamond Crown’s highest quality standards.