3 Leaf Habano Epicure (6″x54) Box of 16

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3 Leaf Habano Epicure Box of 16

Size: 6″ x 54 which is the perfect size for cigar awesomeness. Overall, the 3 leaf Habano cigar is a masterpiece of balance and refinement. Its impeccable construction, coupled with its complex flavor profile, makes it a true delight for the discerning palate. Whether enjoyed in solitude or shared among friends, it offers a sensory experience that is both memorable and deeply satisfying.

It’s not just about the taste 3 leaf Habano cigars, they boast impeccable construction and burn. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each cigar is a work of art, with a smooth draw and even ash that speaks to the expertise and dedication of the master cigar blenders.

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