Ashton Cabinet No. 2 Cigars

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Ashton Cabinet No. 2 Cigars

Ashton Cabinet No. 2 Cigars
List Price: $370.00
Price: $259.99
Weight: 3 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
7 inches

Ashton Cabinet # 2 - 7 x 46 - Box of 20 -The Ashton Cabinet #2 cigars are the White Burgundy of cigars. White Burgundy gets its rich complex taste from the soil and aging of the grape in French oak barrels. The Cabinet's 4 to 5 year old Dominican filler blend has a rich, complex and well rounded taste. The extraordinary Connecticut shade wrapper is aged for an extra year and has an elegant palamino color resulting in a smooth and creamy flavor. The Ashton Cabinet No.2 includes no less than six different tobaccos and ends with a big finish. Seven years pass from seedling to finished cigar before Ashton Cabinet is brought to fruition and presented for your smoking pleasure.

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