Ashton VSG Sorcerer Cigars

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Ashton VSG Sorcerer Cigars
Ashton VSG Sorcerer Cigars
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Ashton VSG Sorcerer Cigars

Ashton VSG Sorcerer Cigars
List Price: $385.00
Price: $259.95
Weight: 3 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
7 inches
Sun Grown

Ashton VSG Sorcerer - 7 x 49 - box of 24 - The Ashton Sorcerer VSG is Ashton's top cigar! The Ashton Sorcerer VSG is extremely rare, and rare for a good reason, the filler is a secret blend of 4-5 aged Dominican filler with wrapper leaf that is grown on the Olivia's private tobacco farm. The good news is we have the Ashton VSG cigars in-stock most of the time. The Ashton VSG cigars are known for their awesomeness, beauty, consistency, full flavor smoothness, and rarity. If you never a Ashton Sorcerer VSG cigar then you are missing out on life, so man up and grab a box of the Ashton VSG's because you can't go wrong plus the presentation and a flavor is what legends are made of!

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