Asylum 13 Ogre 7x70

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Asylum 13 Ogre 7x70

Asylum 13 Ogre 7x70
List Price: $350.00
Price: $219.99
Weight: 2 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
7 inches

Asylum 13 Ogre 7 x 70 Box of 30. If you like the bigger ring gauged cigars then this is your best bet, the Asylum 13 Ogre 7 x 70 weighs in at 7" by a whopping 70 ring gauge. The Asylum 13 Ogre 7 x 70 is a barbers pole wrapped cigar that brings the hefty cigar smoke that will last for hours. If you have plenty of time to kill, the Asylum 13 Ogre 7 x 70 is right up your alley. Made by Christian Eiroa the man that made Camacho cigars so big time. Pure bliss is what you will get with these big boys. Order Asylum 13 Ogre 7 x 70 cigars today and save big time.

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