Black Market Cigars - Robusto

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Black Market Cigars - Robusto

Black Market Cigars - Robusto
List Price: $240.00
Price: $134.99
Weight: 0 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5.25 inches

Black Market Cigars Robusto - 5.25 x 52 Box of 22 - Black Market Robusto cigars are made by the fellas at Alec Bradley and this cigar is their latest invention. The Black Market cigars are made with well aged tobacco fillers from the Honduran Jamastran valley with a very unique blend of Panamanian, Sumatra, and a secret stash of the good Nicaraguan long-fillers. The Black Market cigars are wrapped by a healthy Jalapa-grown Nicaraguan tobacco that is cured to a shinny dark appearance that will have your attention once you lay eyes on these bad boys. The boxes are pure artistic awesomeness which you will not throw away, you might even nail it to your wall in your Man Cave, it's just that cool. The flavor on this Medium bodied Black Market cigar is something out of this world , and has its own unique taste. Once you smoke a Black Market cigar you can expect a full-flavored smoke with a outstanding complexity and jaw dropping aroma.

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