Canimao cigars - Originales 2 Pack

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Canimao Cigars - Originales
Canimao Cigars - Originales
Canimao Cigars - Legendarios (Box of 25)
Canimao Cigars - Legendarios 25
Canimao Cigars - Legendarios
Canimao Cigars - Legendarios
Canimao cigars - Jibaro 2 Pack
Canimao cigars - Jibaro 2 Pack

Canimao cigars - Originales 2 Pack

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Weight: 0 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6.5 inches

Canimao cigars - Originales - 2 Pack. The Canimao cigars are the latest and greatest cigars hand-rolled down in Miami in a micro cigar factory by the help of CEO Mel Gonzalez and his master cigar blender Vincente Garcia, and these guys have definitely nailed it with these cigar blends. The Canimao cigars are one of the best cigars we have smoked in the last few years, as most of these cigar sizes are medium bodied, but the Originales is a full bodied hot rod, so prepare yourself for some jaw-dropping-awesomeness. The Canimao cigar brings it's A game to the table, and we can guarantee you that these will be the next big hit in the cigar world, so expect awsome cigar ratings and great reviews across the web on the Canimao cigars. The Canimao cigar has an well aged mix of spicy long filler being from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, and an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder as the cigar is finished off with a beautiful flawless Brazilian wrapper. The Canimao Originales cigars are a full-bodied cigar that is out of this world, buy Canimao Originales cigars online at the most beloved place to order

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