CAO Moontrance Petit Tins 10/10

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CAO Moontrance Petit Tins
CAO Moontrance Petit Tins 10/10
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CAO Moontrance Petit Tins 10/10

CAO Moontrance Petit Tins
List Price: $174.54
Price: $133.98
Weight: 3 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
4 inches

The CAO Moontrance blend is 100% all natural exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla extracts. Bourbon vanilla is a type of vanilla bean renowned for its caramel like sweetness is married with ripe Georgia Peach Nectar and then mixed with other organic fruits.After five years of searching for the finest Brazilian wrappers available, CAO has finally obtained the most outstanding crop of beautiful, rich, brown wrapper leaf from Brazil. Aged to perfection and blended with rich yet smooth Nicaraguan fillers.

10/10 = 10 Tins of 10 Cigarillos. Get the best price on CAO Moontrance Petit by buying in Bulk!

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