CAO MX2 Toro Cigars

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CAO MX2 Toro Cigars

CAO MX2 Toro Cigars
List Price: $155.00
Price: $109.99
Weight: 3 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6 inches

CAO MX2 Toro - 6 x 54 - Box of 20 - CAO MX2 Toro cigars are one of the top sellers for the CAO folks; if you never had a MX2 cigar then you are missing out. The MX2 means " Maduro times two" the cigar has two Connecticut broad leaf maduro wrappers combined, and this is the only cigar in the world that has such a combination. The price tag on the MX2 cigars is outstanding for the money, and if CAO could go back in time and price this cigar the CAO MX2's would have been priced around the $10 range; and justifiably so.

The CAO MX2 cigar is probably the most popular maduro cigars on the market; and blows away most $10 cigars on the market right now. The blend of the MX2 cigar is a peppery Nicaraguan blend that is combined with Peruvian tobacco leaves that give the MX2 Cigar that spicy taste which is what every maduro smoker is looking for. The construction on the CAO mx2 cigars are always perfect and consistent, and the draws on the CAO mx2 cigars are always impeccable. The CAO MX2 cigars come in boxes of 20 with a humidity pack to give the mx2 cigars the freshness they deserve.

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