CBD Oil Natural Green Roads 1500mg

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CBD Oil Natural Green Roads 1500mg

CBD Oil Natural Green Roads 1500mg
List Price: $250.00
Price: $209.99
Weight: 2 lb

CBD Oil - The Strongest CBD Oil on the Market - 1500mg 30ml glass bottle

The CBD Oils that NHCIGARS sells are custom formulated using a Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabidiol (CBD), full spectrum CBD Oil, and Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin. This 1500mg CBD oil is only to be used sublingual under the tongue. Through sublingual use, or use under the tongue, users can more accurately determine an approximate dose.

CBD Oil features: - Neutral/Sweet Flavor - CBD Concentration: (1500MG/15ML = 50MG of CBD Per 1ML) - for Sublingual Use only - Compounded by Licensed Pharmacists. 

Ingredients: Full-Spectrum CBD oil,  Pure CBD Isolate Concentrate Hemp Seed Oil,  99% Pure crystalline isolate

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