Don Benigno Maduro Robusto Box of 10

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Don Benigno Maduro Robusto Box of 10

Don Benigno Maduro Robusto Box of 10
List Price: $200.00
Price: $109.99
Weight: 2 lb
Costa Rica
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
4.75 inches

Don Benigno Maduro Robusto cigars - 4.75 x 50 - Box of 10 - The Don Benigno Maduro Robusto is one of our most popular cigars, and perhaps the most recognized cigar by name, the Don BenignoMaduro Robusto cigar is a robusto yet short full-bodied cigar for the experienced smoker. Its wide ring size allows for extra strength, extra body, extra aroma and extra flavor. The Maduro wrapper will give this cigar an extra kick. The Don Benigno Maduro cigars are a well-aged smooth maduro cigar that will satisfy any maduro cigar lover. From the first puff until the last the Don Benigno Robusto is a cigar that you will not forget. Check out some of the more popular Don Beningo cigars sizes here.

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