Don Pepin Black Lancero - 7x39 - box of 50

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Don Pepin Black Lancero - 7x39 - box of 50

Don Pepin Black Lancero
List Price: $500.00
Price: $329.99
Weight: 3 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
7 inches

Don Pepin Garcia Black Lancero Box of 50 cigars: The Don Pepin Garcia Black Lancero cigars were specially made for us NH cigars back in 2008, and we found these cigars hiding in the corner of our warehouse. What so incredible about these cigars is that this is one of the first cigars that Don Pepin made before he went on to make the my father line and others. Have no doubt about it these cigars are a collector's piece, and very limited because we only have 50 boxes left. These cigars are ultra rare and have to be one of the best finds in recent years, its like finding a perfectly maintained 1962 AC Cobra Shelby in a barn that's how rare these cigars are.

The Don Pepin Black label cigars are one of the finest cigars that Don Pepin ever produced, so grab a box or five pack because you just can not get these anywhere! The Don Pepin Black labels have been such a smash hit for the-man-the-myth-the-legend "Don Pepin Garcia ". Don Pepin Garcia makes cigars for pretty much 95% of all the cigar companies out there, and chances are that you have smoked one of his cigars before and loved it! The Don Pepin Garcia Black label cigars are hand-made in the old school way of tradition with an all Nicaraguan tobacco blend which is wrapped with a flavorful Rosado wrapper.

The Cuban Classic Black Label Cigars are born down at Don Pepin's Miami store front and are not produced anymore these particular cigars, and are a piece of cigar history. The Don Pepin Garcia Black cigars use a secret blend of spicy Nicaraguan long-fillers and binder. The Don Pepin Garcia Black Lancero cigars have a thick and creamy smoke which is dominated by a strong Spanish cedar flavor. As the cigar changes flavor as you smoke it, the cigar reveals hints of coffee and spice, with a beautiful tobacco aroma this cigar is what legends are made of, so get some if you can.

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