Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso

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Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso
Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso
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Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso

Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso
List Price: $60.00
Price: $39.99
Weight: 2 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5.5 inches

Flor de las Antillas Belicoso cigars are another smash hit for the My Father cigar Inc and Don Pepin Garcia. These ultra-Nicaraguan Sun Grown cigars are hand rolled by the most experience cigar rollers in Pepin’s factory, so you can be well-assured that these cigars will be flawless. Flor de las Antillas “meaning flower of Antilles” Flor de las Antillas is the largest island of the Antilles islands in the Cuba region. These Flor de las Antillas cigars are a medium to full bodied cigar that delivers a perfect draw among flavor profiles ranging from Cocoa, Spanish cedar, pepper, and hints of coffee. From the very beginning these cigars will give you that wow feeling until the very end, so prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of My Father greatness. Take a look at all the Flor de Las Antillas for Sale and buy the Flor de las Antillas Belicoso, online, tax-free.

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