Ortsac Robusto Single Cigar

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Ortsac Robusto Single Cigar

Ortsac Robusto Single Cigar
List Price: $15.00
Price: $6.29
Weight: 1 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5 inches

The ORTSAC cigar is one that is relatively new to the market. It features a storyline that follows an actual military operation from the Cuban missile crisis days. To add to the storyline, cigars are available packaged in Boxes of 20. The lineup has expanded from its single size offering of a Ortsac Toro (54 x 6.50) and now includes a Ortsac Torpedo and Ortsac Robusto. These sticks feature a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, Dominican binder, and filler blend from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Ortsac cigars are the new cigar that is a direct target to old Cuban Cigars when they were the best. Not any longer, Ortsac cigars has turned that around. As a matter of fact, turn the name Ortsac around and you’ll see why. Try some singles or grab a box of 20 Ortsac cigars are a must try !

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