Padron 2000 Natural Cigars

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Padron 2000 Natural Cigars

Padron 2000 Natural Cigars Cheap
List Price: $230.00
Price: $155.99
Weight: 0 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5 inches

Padron 2000 Natural - 5 x 50 - Box of 26: The Padron Natural 2000 is the “best of the best” said Joe Kaplansky, a long time cigar smoker from New Jersey and frequent customer at NH With the introduction of the Padron Natural 2000 line, it has created a lot of interest within the cigar industry. When a new Padron line is launched, both cigar smokers and the cigar industry pay attention because it’s a Padron. What makes the Padron Natural 2000 different from all other cigars is the Padron Family uses the best Cuban seed available along with the world’s best and most unique aged Natural wrapper in the world. For 3 years or more, the specially blended Natural wrapper is cared for day and night, from birth to the cigar box. Here is your opportunity to purchase the best cigar on the market right now. The window is short when it comes to a great cigar like the Padron Natural, and now is the time to buy them. Padron Natural 2000 currently in-stock online , so get them while you can.

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