Padron 6000 Torpedo Maduro Cigars

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Padron 6000 Torpedo Maduro Cigars

Padron Torpedo 6000 Maduro Cigars
List Price: $290.00
Price: $206.99
Weight: 3 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5.5 inches

Padron 6000 Torpedo Maduro - 5.5 x 52 - Box of 26.  The Padron family wanted a special cigar for this occasion and that is exactly what they got. All these years later the Padron classic series is still a limited and exclusive cigar, and continues to be the cigar it was meant to be. The Padron 6000 Torpedo is one of the best torpedo cigars the world has ever seen. A great smoke that is both smooth and strong, burns slowly, while keeping its full-bodied taste down to the last draw. Made from the finest sun-grown aged Maduro wrappers from small batches, and handcrafted from birth to box.

The PADRON 6000 Torpedo Maduro does not disappoint, and is everything a Padron cigar represents. Padron uses only the finest of tobaccos harvested by passionate and loyal workers who take pride in the hand making of the Padron Classic Line. All the while, keeping Padron on top of the cigar chain, where it should be and is. These fine cigars are available today at, so make a great decision to smoke one of the best cigars ever crafted.

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