Padron Family Reserve 44 Maduro - Single Cigar

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Padron Family Reserve 44 Maduro - Single Cigar

Padron Family Reserve 44 Maduro - Single Cigar
List Price: $50.00
Price: $29.99
Weight: 1 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6 inches

It's true that all the FAMILY RESERVE cigars have received all the accolades for being the best cigars ever made. There is an even more exclusive and better cigar available than those mentioned. The PADRON FAMILY RESERVE 44 TORPEDO has a unique history in the Padron family’s excellent cigars. It is no secret that Padron makes the best cigars year after year. The 44 did not start out as a family reserve, it was strictly produced to be personally given out by Jose’ Padron himself. This special cigar was and is extremely rare and limited use only for the few special dinners and events Jose’ padron would attend himself. The only way to access this cigar was for Mr. Padron to present it to you. It wasn’t until the unleashing of the PADRON MADURO 45 and the lightning success it had by winning the best cigar of the year in 2008.

The Padron family decided to make the PADRON RESERVE 44 BOXPRESS TORPEDO to be incorporated in the PADRON FAMILY RESERVE SERIES. Although no one knows for sure, the 44 made a total of anywhere between 10,000 to 30,000 cigars before ceasing production. The 44 is left over from Jose’ Padron’s cache that was for his use only. It was the success of the 45 that drove the decision to put the 44 into the FAMILY RESERVE SERIES. Each of the 500 or so boxes out there are all personally signed by the Padron family. This is why the 44 is the most sought after cigar in the world. If a cigar can be perfect, this cigar has made that accomplishment. Everything about the Padron Family Reserve 44 is exciting: the hand autographed box presentation, the idea that you will own something rare and very unique, to the cinnamon smell that oozes out of the box once it is opened. The presentation itself is worth the price of admission to own a box. Once the beautifully crafted box is opened, the presentation is so overwhelming, it seems sad to smoke one and leave the box incomplete. The cigars are just breathtaking to look at. The golden crisp color gleaming off the perfectly shaped cigars resting in their felt beds are there to be smoked.

A box of the PADRON RESERVE 44 BOXPRESS TORPEDO is the type of gift given to heads of state, and kings & Queens. The 44 is a box pressed torpedo in a golden Maduro and crispy light wrapper for the rare Natural 44’s. When the cigar is first lit, the smoker is surprised by the best and smoothest draw that any cigar Maduro or Natural leaf. After processing the first draw of perfection, the first exhale leaves a thick, but light cloud of smoke that surrounds the smoker and its immediate area. The residual smoke is not annoying or overpowering but hangs like a cloud releasing a flavorful and light scent of the best ingredients of the cigar. Like all great Padron’s the special Maduro wrapper is aged for ten years or more and only the best Cuban seeds are used. The taste of the 44 actually changes during the slow burning process deeper into the cigar you get, the once light flavored draw that was in the beginning, shapes into a deeper and increased flavor bring out the cinnamon, wood, black cherry, nuts and black truffle into more depth of a taste.

The Padron Family Reserve 44 lulls the smoker with a smooth beginning and gets a slight kick of the strong ligero in the maduro, but is not overdone. Each draw of the 44 gets the smoker ready for this intense smoke. There is nothing negative about the PADRON RESERVE 44 BOXPRESS TORPEDO that is why it is by far the most sought after cigar in the world. After these 500 or so boxes run out, that is it, your opportunity to smoke the best cigar ever crafted is lost for good. The Padron Family Reserve 44 is difficult to find, but it is worth the effort. Here at the Padron cigar line is our top priority to keep in-stock, and currently we have some available, so do not wait for this one to disappear and have your chance of being part of royalty.

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