Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro Cigars

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Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro Cigars
Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro...
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Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro Cigars

Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro Cigars
List Price: $370.00
Price: $259.99
Weight: 0 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5.5 inches
Gran Robusto

PADRON FAMILY RESERVE 46: This cigar was specially made exclusively to celebrate Jose Padron and his family’s 46 years of cigar excellence. The 46 is crafted just for that reason. Like all the Padron Family Reserve cigars, the PADRON FAMILY RESERVE is no exception to their excellent standards in the art of cigar craftsmanship. The 46 is part of a long tradition of making the best cigars in the world. This cigar had to be special and it is just that.

The well documented reactions to this cigar are notable, take Sal Vittore a frequent customer at who said: “This is the best smoke I have ever had by far and I won’t rest until I get me a box of ten.” That would be a typical reaction from anyone who smokes the Padron 46. They are Premium cigars and have a presentation that is above most of the cigars in any humidor. They have a grand presentation and one look at these cigars will tell you how they differ from most of their competition. It isn’t even close; Padron is the real deal with the best grown tobaccos from Nicaragua with their special Maduro wrapper, binder and filler.

The surprise to me is that this cigar is under the radar and doesn’t get the reputation equal to the 1926 or Padron 45 Family Reserve Series. The PADRON FAMILY RESERVE 46 is just as deserving as those fine cigars and if you smoke one you will know immediately that this is a cigar in a hierarchy of cigars that few achieve. So don’t blow your opportunity to smoke one of the finest cigars on the market. The PADRON FAMILY RESERVE 46 is a wonderful smoke, imbued with flavors of chocolate, spice and coffee. It has the rich smoke that comes from an impeccable draw that really doesn’t need to be advertised. This is a Padron reserve for heaven’s sake, considered to be one of the best cigars ever made. These choice premium cigars are available online, don’t miss it.

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