Padron Londres Natural Cigars

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Padron Londres Natural Cigars

Padron Londres Natural Cigars
List Price: $130.00
Price: $99.99
Weight: 0 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5.5 inches

Padron Londres Natural cigars are some of the best cigars on the market period. The blend of the Padron Natural 's is a close guarded secret among the Padron family, and while most cigar companies try to copy the Padron Natural blend - not one Cigar Company can even come close. A lot of cigar companies even try to copy the labeling and presentation of the Padron's, but don't be fooled they're not even in the same ball park.

The Padron cigars are the Bentley's of cigars - these cigars are the best.The Padron family are some of the hardest working in the cigar industry, and they have been at since the 60's. The Padron's refuse to sell out to any big time conglomerate corporate company which makes truly one of the last REAL cigar makers out there today.

The Padron's have won the hearts and minds of cigar store owners as well as cigar smokers' world wide. Each and every Padron cigar is 100% handmade by the Padron's as their cigars not sub contacted out like most cigars on the market today; this is the reason why all their cigars are impeccable in quality.The Padron family makes zero mistakes when releasing a cigar to the industry.

The production on all Padron Londres Natural cigars are very limited and for a good reason, each and every cigar is hand inspected to make sure that every Padron maduro cigar is perfect! The Padron cigars have been getting the best ratings since they first appeared in the cigar industry. These are the best cigars in the world today; have no doubt about it. Man up and treat yourself to a box of the Padron Londres Natural cigars you will not be disappointed.

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