Perdomo 20th Anniversary Epicure E556 - Maduro

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Perdomo 20th Anniversary
Perdomo 20th Anniversary...
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Perdomo 20th Anniversary Epicure E556 - Maduro

Perdomo 20th Anniversary
List Price: $204.00
Price: $172.99
Weight: 0 lb
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6 inches

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Epicure E556 - Maduro cigars are created using the Perdomo family’s time-honored Cuban traditions, the new Perdomo 20th Anniversary is semi box pressed and presented in elegant 24-count Spanish cedar boxes. The Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigars are hand-crafted with the finest tobaccos grown exclusively on Perdomo’s most prestigious farms in Esteli, Condega, and the famed Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. Using the highest priming tobaccos from each region, the new Perdomo 20th Anniversary Epicure E556 cigars have a tremendous flavor profile with layer upon layer of rich, elegant, complex flavors.

The seamless combination of the all Cuban-seed Nicaraguan grown wrappers, binders, and fillers makes the Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigars exceptional Nicaraguan puros. Using the best tobaccos from each of their farms in each region, Perdomo has truly created a masterpiece blend with a core of deep, satisfying flavors. In order to achieve a perfect balance, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary blend requires wrappers that have been carefully hand-selected and well-aged for over 6 years. After being fermented to perfection, each Cuban-seed Sun Grown and Maduro wrapper is barrel-aged in bourbon barrels for an additional 14 months. These barrel-aged wrappers are at their peak color and flavor, making each Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigar impeccably smooth from beginning to end. The Perdomo 20th Anniversary is top dog of all of Perdomo's cigar lines also the Perdomo 20th Anniversary comes in Maduro, or Sun Grown, so buy Perdomo 20th Anniversary Epicure E556 maduro cigars online from the best cigar website in the univers

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