Rocky Patel Edge Habano Toro 20

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Rocky Patel Edge Habano Toro 20
Rocky Patel Edge Habano Toro 20
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Rocky Patel Edge Habano Toro 20

Rocky Patel Edge Habano Toro 20
List Price: $225.00
Price: $114.95
Weight: 0 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6 inches

Rocky Patel Edge Habano Toro - Bundle of 20 :The Rocky Patel Edge Habano is the latest trilogy added to the Rocky Patel Edge saga. This newly added Rocky Patel Habano Edge blend is an all Nicaraguan Puro which means the tobacco in this cigar is all made and blended all with top notch Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Rocky Patel Edge as we all know is the flagship cigar in Rocky’s portfolio that shot Rocky into the cigar rock star status. The Rocky Patel Habano Edge cigar has that muscle car look and feel that delivers a full throttle kick of spicy Nicaraguan ligero which finishes off with hints of pepper, coca, and smacks of earthiness. The wrapper on this Edge Habano has an oily sheen which adds to a well-rounded taste that marries perfectly with the blend of this cigar. Buy Rocky Patel Edge Habano cigars from the best cigar website in the universe, only at to follow this link to view more Rocky Patel Habano cigars

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