Tortuga 215 Reserva Cigars 6 x 60

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Tortuga 215 Reserva Cigars 6 x 60

Tortuga 215 Reserva Cigars 6 x 60
List Price: $350.00
Price: $234.99
Weight: 0 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6 inches
Double Toro

Tortuga 215 6 x 60 Limited Edition - Box of 27 - Tortuga 215 6 x 60 cigars: Each and every Tortuga 215 cigar is 100% handmade in the Dominican Republic. Just like the other Tortuga 215 cigars available, each owns a secretly aged filler, and is wrapped in a Sun Grown wrapper. The Tortuga 215 Reserva is an outstanding achievement in today’s full-body cigar market. The Tortuga 215 6x60 offers a full-body strength which is complimented by its rich, well balanced blended perfection. Again these are a Limited Edition cigar, so time is of the essence. Pick up a box today while they last, you will thank us later. "

From The Robb Report: "In this fast-paced world, cigars are an anomaly, as their tobaccos are aged naturally and consequently, cannot be rushed, their hand-rolled construction is methodical, and even the act of smoking them is typically a leisure-time activity. All of this is personified in the Tortuga 215 Edición Limitada 2011 ($9 to $12, depending on size). Tortuga means “turtle” in Spanish, and the name of this boutique cigar was inspired by the fact that its tobaccos have been aged for five years, thus contributing to the T215’s slow, even burn and deep, ultra rich taste".

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