Xen Rocky Patel Robusto

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Xen Rocky Patel Robusto

Rocky Patel Xen Robusto
List Price: $185.00
Price: $115.99
Weight: 0 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5 inches

Xen Robusto by Rocky Patel - Box of 20 - Xen Robusto by Rocky Patel was created by Rocky's bro Nish and you will enter a new state of mind with the Xen cigar. This Xen cigar will alter your state of reality from what you’ve come to expect from a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The boxes come beautifully presented with an Asian influence with bright colors. Once you fire up a Xen cigar you will be sent into a state of bliss. The Xen cigar is a medium bodied experience with complex balance and mind blowing sense of sweet tea spice, coffee and a nutty finish. What we enjoy most about this cigar, is that cigar has tons of flavor and isn’t the boring natural wrapper that tastes like nothing, You will find just one puff and you will experience cigar Xen.

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