Fuente Petit Corona Natural Cigars

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Fuente Petit Corona Natural Cigars

Fuente Petit Corona Natural Cigars
List Price: $208.00
Price: $117.99
Weight: 3 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
5 inches
Petit Corona

Fuente Petit Corona cigars, are always extremely rare and hard to get. The Fuente cigars are made with aged Dominican tobaccos and are considered to be the finest of most all cigars on the market. The Arturo Fuente is smooth with a Medium bodied taste. The wrapper on the Fuente cigar is an African Cameroon wrapper that gives it that sweet taste. These cigars have been getting ratings off the charts and still compete with the newest of all cigar lines these days. Except no substitute because only Fuente is Fuente! You will be glad you have added the Fuente Petit Corona cigars to your collection.

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